Make the Most out of Summer in the City

by Tanya Wlodarczyk

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Photo by E. Christopher Clark

Let’s face it, summer is for adventures and enjoying the sun, two things that don’t readily come to mind when you think of Boston. The Common might be the closest haven from all of the concrete and pavement but even then it’s not Huntington or South Beach. But if you’re stuck spending summer vacation within the city limits have no fear: Boston has more to offer than the frog pond or swan boats in the Public Gardens and all easily accessible by the MBTA too.

Beach It

When longing for sand, sun, and waves look no further than Revere Beach. Facing Massachusetts Bay, this hard sand beach is perfect for spending the afternoon or entire day out by the water. Throw a Frisbee, swim in the waves, or soak up the sun and let worries of work or class melt away. If wildlife is more your thing, head up the beach past the pavilions for a closer look at avian life, mainly the piping plovers and terns who nest at Revere Beach.

Getting there is easy, simply take the T to the Blue line’s Wonderland or Revere Beach stops only about a 45 minute ride from downtown. The hardest part is leaving this ocean oasis for the city’s hustle and bustle.

Travel the Charles

In the mood for something more strenuous than tanning? Then head over to the Charles River for some canoeing and kayaking. Only minutes from downtown you can enjoy the city from a new point of view, and get a bicep workout too. Whether you choose to do the round trip or the one way, the nine-mile stretch of river doesn’t have a current allowing for easy paddling. For those who enjoy history and food, Charles River Canoe and Kayak offers a two-and-a-half-hour barbecue kayak tour on weekends guide and ribs included.

While Charles River Canoe and Kayak has five different locations on the river, the easiest and the closest from downtown Boston is their Allston/Brighton address. Take the Red line to Harvard Square, walk across the river, and follow the bike path to their green-roofed kiosk.

Wander the Wilderness

If you’re feeling adventurous head to the Middlesex Fells for a rarity this near an urban landscape. Boasting 2,500 acres of meadows, wetlands, forests, and wildlife, the Fells is an ideal destination for the nature lover. Whether you’re wandering through fields of wildflowers, biking among oak and hickory forests, or sitting at a pond’s edge admiring the wildlife, a day at the Fells is sure to make you forget about responsibilities only a few miles away. Although summer is still in full swing, come back to Middlesex during the winter for some cross country skiing for a whole new look at this reserve.

Depending on if you’re headed towards the east or west end of this reservation, you’ll want to get off the Orange line’s Oak Grove or Wellington Station respectively.

Have any more great places in hang out in Boston during the summer? Let us know by commenting below.

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