Welcome to the Health Section!

With the help of the Health Section writers, I hope to address all the different aspects of health from the specific perspective of the Emerson student population. We’re a very unique group of students—always on-the-go, usually sleep-deprived and running of lots of caffeine. Most of us wake up at the crack of dawn and don’t stop working until far past dusk. This sort of lifestyle and the college lifestyle in general, can breed unhealthy habits that can impact us over the course of an entire lifetime. However, I know that a lot of Emerson students, regardless of how stressed or busy, are generally health conscious and care about feeling their best so they can continue to lead active and involved lives.

Atlas Magazine hopes to offer the most relevant health information and advice for leading a healthier lifestyle in the context of being a college student. Some of the topics we hope to cover in the upcoming issue include eating well in the Dining Hall, cooking while living in a dorm, how to make the most of the EC Fitness Center, where to find the best gyms and fitness classes in Boston, tips for dealing with a stressful schedule, important sexual health information for the both the straight and GLBTQ community, and so much more!

I’m excited to work for the Health Section of Atlas Magazine because I love helping people feel better—physically, mentally and emotionally. I think it can be hard to stay healthy, in all aspects of the word, when you’re as busy and as stressed as a college student.

Health Section Editor,
Tamara Omazic

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