Welcome to the Campus Section!

The Campus Section is the PROW lounge of Atlas Magazine — only we can fit more people in it. This section, more than any other, is about the Emerson student community. Send us your creative writing, your artwork, your questions, or even your (tempered, well-articulated) gripes with the school. We’ll also be featuring interviews with the campus staff so that everyone can get to know the stories behind the faces of those we seem to see all the time. Keep an eye out for quizzes, as well, to test your mettle as an Emersonian. Want to say something? Tell us at emersonatlasmag@gmail.com with the subject “Campus.”

Being an editor for Atlas Magazine is a treat for me since I have the honor of seeing the writing and artwork that you students have dedicated your time here to craft. This position puts me at the forefront of showcasing your work and I cannot wait to show every reader of Atlas the talents Emerson has set out to groom. I’m excited to be able to reach out to the student body so personally.

Campus Co-Editor,
Joshua Barnaby

I love showing off all the wonderful accomplishments Emersonians are enriching their arts, communities, professions, and — you guessed it — campus with, so I am honored to be able to share some great stories with the entire Emerson community.

Campus Co-Editor,
Holly Van Leuven

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